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Do you want to rent a boat with a license in Sainte Rose and sail in the lagoon? 

Ideally located at the gateway to the lagoon "Big ass bag sailor",GWADABOATboat rentalmotorwith licensewill provide you with a range of very recent rigid boats and perfectly maintained equipped withColor GPS with all the tracksof your browsing.


Experienced navigator or young boat license holder, we will be at your disposal to make you live an unforgettable day.

  • Free parking in front of our base

  • Professionals at your disposal

  • In-depth handling of the boat with help on departure and return 

  • In addition to the GPS, provision of an explanatory book of the various spots present

  • We manage the fuel on your return for you 

  • All boats are equipped with a GPS / depth sounder with les different tracks and spots

  • Free provision on request of mask, snorkel, cooler

  • A tracker de geolocation lets to intervene quickly in case of concern 


Sliding enthusiast or de sin ? 

We also offer various nautical leisure equipment for hire:

Wakeboard, Kneeboard, towed buoys, line fishing rods.

They share theirwonderful momentson:


Boat rental, between safety and best practices

Because the best way to visit the Grand Cul-de-sac marin is by renting a boat. 

  • You can thus approach themangrove and its paletuSinks with stilt-roots so characteristic. 

  • Then dive into the waters yourquoises to admirea coral reef rich in fauna and flora. 

  • Prolong the pleasure by going to thediscovery of two wrecks accessible to divers of all levels.

  • Fifteen islets dot the lagoon of the Grand Cul-de-sac marin. A stopover is therefore essential at the mythical îlet Caret, a real challenge.typical postcard horn from Guadeloupe.

  • - The islet of La Biche which is surrounded by turquoise waters and white sand.
    - The islet of birds which is home to many species of birds that are easy to observe such as frigates or cattle egrets.
    - Take the opportunity to discover the Ilet Blanc, a very fragile islet, which emerged from the waters in 1989 following the passage of Hurricane Hugo.

En raison du grand nombre de récifs non signalés et afin de protéger votre caution ,les traces du lagon mis sur le GPS sont à suivre obligatoirement ...

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